Custom Wall Murals

Use Custom Wall Murals by Taylor Visual Group to Give Your Business a Boost

Custom Wall Murals are produced with durable vinyls specifically designed to create large tiled graphic murals for interiors or exteriors.  Once installed by our professional teams they look seamless.  Our products can be permanent, semi-permanent, or promotional, depending on your requirements.  Apply to just about any surface: drywall, glass, brick, cinder block, more.

This product can be part of a bigger décor program that pulls together the look and design of a space or environment. Use a mural to make a creative impact or showcase a new product, announce an opening or promote a show. As one of our most popular products, we have a lot of experience with the materials, installation and overall execution of a wall mural.

Murals have been used in retail spaces, universities and institutions as well as full-scale, multi-location programs. Each installation is treated with unique care to insure the piece is well-constructed. With our expertise, we are able to make recommendations on the types of vinyls used based on surface and requirements of your space.

In addition to taking care of all your needs for custom wall murals, Taylor Visual Group also works with nationwide installation services to make sure your vision is executed perfectly. Our crews work in a timely fashion and can handle all issues regarding set up and installation of any product.

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