Taylor Visual Group can support your advertising and marketing efforts by creating, printing, and installing impactful on-site construction graphics that promote and advertise future construction projects and sales centers at your locations. Taylor Visual Group are experts at applying graphics to fencing, barricades, windows, trailers, or other temporary structures surrounding the site that are intended to generate excitement, re-affirm your brand promise, and create anticipation for the upcoming development.

Some common elements of on-site construction graphics include:

  1. Project branding; including your project name, logo, or other branding elements that are consistent with the overall marketing strategy for the development.
  2. Renderings: Images & Renderings of the finished project, including 3D graphics or artist’s impressions, may be used to give viewers an idea of what the development will look like once completed.
  3. Messaging: The graphics may include signage that provides basic information about the development, such as the expected completion date, the size of the project, or the number of units.
  4. Contact information: The graphics may include contact information for the developer or marketing team responsible for the project, including phone numbers, email addresses, or website URLs.

On-site construction graphics are an effective way to build anticipation for future developments and to generate interest among potential buyers or investors. Developers, retailers, and general contractors partner with Taylor Visual Group allowing us to help create, print, and install visually appealing graphics that generate a sense of excitement and expectation while driving sales.