Lake Point Tower Case Study

Project Brief

Taylor Visual Group was part of the retro fitting of historic Lake Point Tower in downtown Chicago. Working in conjunction with several other companies in the process, coordination and communication were key to completing this project. Due to the nature of the work, the regulations from the City of Chicago and the history of the building,

The Challenges

Renovation of Lake Point Tower was not only a large project with 70 floors involved, but the guidelines were specific. TVG arrived with a plan to execute installing removable artwork with a high quality finish. Work had to be done during specific times and coordinated with everyone involved to go smoothly.

The Solutions

TVG installed 70 floors worth of graphics using low-profile velcro so the artwork remained removable per City of Chicago guidelines. Each individual hallway end cap was done with custom Wall Paper-Dreamscape Suede-with a liquid ArmorCoating and a 72″x72″-1/4″ 2nd Surface Acrylic Artwork. Taylor Visual Group helped create an impact in a historical space by using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship for creation and installation.