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Taylor Visual Group provides permanent graphics, fixtures, and installation services.  Our purpose is to combine our products and services to achieve brand awareness and profits through visual experiences.

Custom wall coverings are everywhere from banks to gyms and stores. Newer technology is letting designers create like never before. Customer awareness is leading the way as designers now know the sky is the limit. In this picture we installed customer provided graphics using a specific adhesive vinyl that will not harm the wall when it is removed, while at the same time lasting for years. The end result changed the whole attitude of the room. So when designing new environments, Get Creative!

Promote your new development, store, construction site, or grand opening while concealing renovations and construction from view with barricade graphics and murals. Convert an empty, bland area into something people can get excited about.  With the right graphic design you can create buzz and hype around your new location. Your construction barricade will be transformed into a massive advertisement that can pay for itself in weeks based on Clear Channel and other Outdoor pricing. A busy corner or street in an urban setting can have 300,000 or more hits a day. That’s translates into 10’s of thousands of dollars in media that you get for free, Barricade Graphic.

·         Taylor Visual Group manages the process from start to finish.
·         Union and Non-Union installation teams for Barricade Graphic
·         Permits for Barricade Graphic
·         Design, Production, Installation North America
·         Di-Bond, MDO, Sintra, Adhesive Vinyl, Vinyl, Mesh, Perf,

Taylor Visual Group was tasked to design and build a mobile outdoor exhibit solution for Deutsche Bank’s Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino of Las Vegas.  We created concepts, engineered, built and now coordinate the setup for venues like the Deutsche Bank Championship – Boston, Universal Studios Theme Park – Los Angeles, South Beach Wine & Food Festival – Miami and more to come. With a 30’x30′ footprint, rooftop deck, 9 screen video wall and gleaming smoked plexi glass exterior, it really grabs attention for the swank Las Vegas hot spot. Outdoor Exhibit

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