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YMEN, also known as the Young Men’s Educational Network, has been serving the community of North Lawndale since 1996. Since then it has grown exponentially and is currently making a difference in the lives of over 250 students a week. This organization seeks to prepare young men for a future in leadership, learning and service to the broader community.

Taylor Visual Group (TVG) was contacted by this organization about revamping the church they currently work out of with various graphics and colors. The space YMEN wanted to remodel was a dual-use room, holding a food pantry/dining area as well as a basketball court. The church featured a 100 year old slat wall that runs throughout the church. The slat wall had a rigid surface with multiple grooves. All of the graphics created had to be applied to this slat wall so we surveyed the site in order to take a closer look and decide what materials would be best to use. In that decision, we also had to consider that the space is a high-traffic area. So, the material used would need to be thin, as to not stick to far out where people would hit it, as well as durable in order to withstand basketballs flying around the room.

TVG and YMEN were able to partner together to successfully create and install a design that stood out and revitalized the old church. TVG decided on two different materials for the various graphics. For the wall applications, pressure sensitive vinyl was used to adhere to the surface of the slat wall. For the multiple murals, 1/8” laminated sintra was used. The murals had an adhesive backing to adhere to the slat walls and our professional installation team also used small screws at the top of the murals in order to secure it to the wall and allow it to withstand flying basketballs on game nights.

In the end, the graphics turned out amazing, TVG was able to revitalize a 100 year old church into a fun, colorful atmosphere and YMEN became another happy partner in the TVG family!



Posted by taylor / Posted on 18 Dec
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